Meeting Arrangement

Most meetings only last one day and occur in hotel meeting rooms or convention centers. The scale of these meetings might range from just a few high-ranking officials to hundreds of people at the annual shareholder meeting.

The aim is to facilitate problem-solving, strategy development, and objective-setting among those involved in a single enterprise, field, or endeavor. The food is usually rather basic, and there is seldom any entertainment planned.

Incentive Trip

The incentive portion of the MICE industry is where the greatest joy may be had. Travel incentives might range from free flights to free hotel stays to free food and alcohol (e.g., affiliates). This incentive aims to show appreciation for outstanding performance and to encourage or reward continued dedication to the company or its goals by its employees.

The structure of an incentive program will vary from firm to company. One option is to send the team on a weekend getaway to a resort that provides everything the members could need. Some companies may choose more low-key events inside the office to foster team spirit.


Essentially, a conference is a very large gathering. Conferences may run from a few hours to several days and include anywhere from a few to hundreds of participants. Conferences, like incentives, may take various forms depending on the group planning them and the field they serve.

The following are all common in conferences but not limited to:

  • Panels: Panels are meetings in which a group of specialists delivers their findings and opinions on a particular issue. A moderator acts as the event’s question-asker, keeps things moving smoothly, and may even field questions from the crowd.
  • Presentations: At a corporate conference, upper-level executives may give presentations detailing recent achievements and financial outcomes. Speakers at public business conferences are often invited by thought leaders who may shed light on the latest developments. Visual aids such as slides, props, and videos are often used in presentations.
  • Speeches: Speeches often called keynote addresses, are commonly given at the outset and close of conferences. It is fairly uncommon for the host or organizer to begin by formally greeting and thanking the guests for their presence. On other occasions, a prominent figure in the field may speak out on a pressing topic and provide suggestions for moving forward.
  • Discussions: They might participate in a panel discussion. A small group discusses a subject while the rest of the audience observes and takes notes. It is not uncommon for event planners to assign guests to smaller discussion groups to stimulate more robust discussions.
  • Workshops: In a workshop, a small group works together to solve a problem or conduct research on a particular subject. Participants will benefit greatly from the opportunity for active participation in this method’s learning process.

Although conferences may serve various functions, one common goal is to confront and resolve issues plaguing a particular company or sector. That includes disseminating recent findings and research findings. Team-building exercises and social gatherings are also welcome.

Exposition / Exhibition

Trade shows, or exhibits, are large-scale affairs often attended by tens of thousands of people from all over the globe. They may last a few days or up to a week. The audiences for most exhibitions are highly specialized within their respective industries.

Tradeshows provide a platform for exhibitors to showcase their wares, generate sales, and network with new customers and business associates. This is where experts in a field may meet one another, acquire new customers or employees, and brainstorm innovative solutions to existing challenges.

Conventional exposition activities may involve any or all of the following, depending on the specific event:

  • Networking Events: Events for mingling and making connections are common features of trade exhibitions. It’s a terrific location to network with like-minded people, brainstorm new projects to work on together, and talk about what’s happening in the industry.
  • Awards: A ceremony to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of those in a particular field is a standard feature of many conventions. Winners also get a significant public relations and advertising boost. Looking at the other nominees might be a source of motivation even if you aren’t in the running yourself.

A special occasion is typically set aside during trade exhibitions for new company presentations since these gatherings aim to foster expansion and new ideas in the sector. Gaining recognition, capital, customers, and potential employees are all fantastic outcomes for new businesses.

Technical Visit:

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Corporate / Company Trip:

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University/School Trip:

Whereas the schedule of other types of international excursions might be rather basic, that of a university group has to be tailored to properly fit the topic and assignments your students are reading. Whether on a short-haul environmental science trip to Iceland or a long-haul business and economics trip to China, every group will have the most satisfactory possible experience if more time is spent locating the perfect university study tour for them.

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Private Tour

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