Worldwide Flight Reservations

Our Global Reservations System enables Wan Vacation Sdn Bhd to book flights with over 95% of the airlines in the world. Accessing their core system to look at live inventory enables us to offer our clients a much comprehensive flight planning at the most economical proposition. We currently offer such services to,

  • Ministries within the Government of Malaysia
  • Government Link Companies
  • Universities
  • Corporates
  • Retail

Group Departures

The most demanded product over the shelf.

A hassle free group travel with all tour components prearranged would be an ideal way to travel, especially so for the elderlies and those that seldom travel abroad. All our group departures are accompanied with a highly trained Tour Leader and Tour Guide for selected cities trusting it to be a comfortable tour. Where meals are included, the selection of restaurants are carefully selected in ensuring that they are halal certified or the very least, the meat is halal certified. Where in cities that is difficult to obtain a proper Halal Meals or in ambiguity, a selection of vegetarian or seafood is preferred.

Free & Independent Tours (FIT)

A wide range of FIT products have been created to meet the many diverse request of our consumers. Over 300 packages have been created where it would be mind boggling to review them all. In making the selection process simplified, the following range of Themes have been created.

  • Island and Beach Holidays

Beach enthusiast encompasses a huge percentage of today’s travelers irrespective if it is among friends, family or simply on your own. A wide range of destinations and islands have been researched taking into the demand of our consumers is now available with A simple base packages with many optional activities that could be prearranged prior to your arrival making your holiday free from haggling.

  • Honeymooners

A diverse requirement although mostly surrounds Island or Beach holidays. At Wan Vacation, we have planned your Honeymoon to be special and as meticulously planned as the wedding itself. We take pride in the team of holiday planners.

  • Adventure Holidays

Move your adrenalin into high gear. Dependent on the selected destination, the inclusions would be Trekking, Water Rafting, Bungee Jumping or something more challenging as Rock Climbing.

  • Shop Till You Drop

Designed purely as named, the selected destinations are known to be the shopping heaven for most Malaysians. Depending on what excites you, we have them all from clothing to garments to bags and much more. View the wide range of destinations and the possible items available in the selected destination.

  • Sporting Enthusiast

Rugby, Soccer, Tennis. These are some of the events that is sought after by our clients. We have programed the package to tour and enjoy the tournaments selected.

Custom Made Packages

Easy to read but not so easy to plan. Do not take for granted that it is easy to plan tailor made packages. We have a team of employees that have specialized in the planning and execution of these packages. Irrespective if they are on FIT or Group basis, we do them all. Our Team of Tour Planners will sit and discuss your requirements coupled with your budget to ensure that we would meet to your best satisfaction even before you travel.

We have clustered the Incentives and Leisure Tours / Travel into the same category. The Custom Made Packages or Tailor Made Packages offered covers the following programs.

  • Family with Small Group
  • Technical Visits by Companies, Government or Universities
  • Educational and Study Groups
  • Company Staff Incentive Programs to Various parts of the world where a mixture of leisure meets business is embedded in the program.
  • Team Building Programs, domestically or internationally.

Call upon our Tour Planners for a meeting enabling us to understand your requirements.


Request for Ground Transportation to almost all destinations around the world is on the increased. We at Wan Vacation Sdn Bhd offers such services on self-drive or driven. Van, Mini Coach, Coach, Large Coach, Long – Distance Coach is common on our request list.

Travel Insurance

We have made Travel Insurance compulsory in our Tour Programs as not only high risk destinations requires Insurance but more so every single destination. It is a product which some clients viewed as luxury but at Wan Vacation, a necessity. You do not know just when it will come handy. For clients insisting that Insurance is not required, we would require them to sign off an indemnity agreement to indemnify Wan Vacation Sdn Bhd as recommended by Kementerian Pelancongan and also MATTA.

We offer both the conventional Insurance and for some, the Takaful Islamic based Insurance as preferred.

Visa Services

It sounds easy but with the policies imposed differently for each country, it could be time consuming to forward your application for Visa. Even on most online visa application, an error in filling th e forms could result be your visa being rejected. This is especially so for some countries like the United States of America and also Canada. With such a nominal charge, free your mind and stress as our Tour Planners would be more than happy to coordinate and make the application on your behalf.

Airport Meet and Assist

A simple task but not easy to coordinate. Sizeable airports like KLIA and KLIA 2 with thousands of passengers departing and arriving on daily basis. Coordinating these services could be a nightmare. At Wan Vacation Sdn Bhd, we have a team of employees that specializes to offer such services, especially for events and seminars pick up and arrival support.

Private Tour

Please fill in all required information for us to propose the best packages for you