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Take a journey to exotic country of Morocco while learning about the history of Al-Andalus, the region of Spain which was under the rule of Umayyad that spans to most parts of Iberian Peninsula. Visit the architecture remains of Alhambra Palace in Granada and Mezquita in Cordoba. Embark on a short trip to Lisbon to visit Sintra with its famous Palace de Pena, take photo in front of Belem Tower and Monument of Discoveries by the Targus River.   Jump over to Tour Program to see what are our day-to-day program

Balkans Peninsular has long become the region with layers of history. Although the border of Balkans region has been blurred even among the historians, we will take you to the important Balkans cities in this tour. Home to many empires and civilisations, from Byzantine, and Roman to Uthmaniyyah, this trip will ensure to take you down to the remnants of those pasts, at the same time feast your eyes with many breath-taking views of nature along the way. Jump over to Tour Plan to see what are our day-to-day program

This is probably the most popular and familiar package to Europe combining the very iconic cities in one journey of 9 nights across Europe. Begin your journey in London (for some of us, it's returning to hometown), before begins the exploration to other cities in mainland Europe. Take the must-have selfie in Paris with Eiffel Tower in the background, visit the famous windmill village in Amsterdam, stop by at cuckoo clock 'hometown', experience the Swiss Alps in Switzerland - bucket list, checked!   Jump over to Tour Program to see what

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